Our Vision, Mission and Values 

Our Vision 

It's about you, not us...We sat back and thought about what we are trying to achieve, collectively and it came down to doing whatever it takes to make our residence happy.  Now, how to put that into a simple sentence when there are so many factors involved in making that come true, so our Vision is...
 "Enriching Peoples Lives Everyday!"

Our Mission

Creating a Place to call Home by Supporting Your Lifestyle Decisions

Providing Peace of Mind for our Residence, Their Families, and the Owen Sound Gardens Community

Employing People who have Passion for what they do and are Dedicated to Your Support and Well Being.

Our Values:

  • Rich Connections
    Our dedicated team members, residents, and their families create a unique and inviting neighbourly community
  • Customized Services
    Each resident receives an Individual Service Plan tailerd to fit their personal goals 
  • Comforts of Home
    We offer a variety of options and welcome our residents to personalize their experience with us.
  • Become One of The Family
    We make every effort to make you feel like you are on this journey with us as part of Owen Sound Gardens Family. 

Supporting a Loved One
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Retirement Residence Checklist
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Retirement Living Guide
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Simple and Easy.

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