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Peter VAnDolder


Peter has a passion for development and was approached by a developer who wanted to build a seniors complex in Owen Sound. When that person was unable to do so  Peter and Partners decided to proceed with the project themselves knowing the demand in a growing community.  Peter and Partners knew how a development like this would serve the best interest of the community and seniors living here or that are thinking of moving to Owen Sound. With the help of Grey Wave Advisory Peter and his Partners created Owen Sound Gardens 

Peter moved to Owen Sound in 1973 and began his entrepreneurial career operating a business supplying aluminum windows, doors and siding in the local area. Peter purchased his first commercial property shortly after in order to facilitate the opening of a Four Seasons Sunroom franchise, occupying half of the space with the business and leasing out the remainder. Peter created ANDPET Realty in 1976  and has since successfully undertaken a number of large development projects including the former PPG glass plant, which entailed 5.5 million in renovations. Peter with partners  have recently purchased the former Tenneco building and are currently renovating that and will be leasing out 300,000 s.f. 

On the residential side Peter started East Court Residences 3 years ago which is  a 55 plus Seniors Community featuring rental Townhomes, Life Lease Semi - Detached units and a 126 Unit Seniors Complex - Owen Sound Gardens.

stephen Picott

Stephen Picott, Co-Founder of Gray Wave, has over 35 years of diverse experience in the development and management of retirement and long-term care communities. Stephen is a highly respected senior executive and is passionate about improving the lifestyle of seniors. He has excellent leadership abilities and acts as a coach and role model within the industry.

Stephen was a Senior Vice President of Long-Term Care Operations at Chartwell Senior Housing REIT where he continued to form a strong bond with his now partner, Richard Noonan. After working at Chartwell, Stephen was the Chief Operating Officer at Community Lifecare where he successfully worked to add value to 13 properties in order to bring them to market. Stephen is often sought after for his guidance due to his design and management expertise, his extensive knowledge of the industry and his enthusiasm for the industry. Stephen continues to work alongside partner and co-founder, Richard Noonan at Gray Wave Advisory


Richard Noonan, Co-Founder of Gray Wave, has over 28 years of experience in the senior housing industry. He began his education and career in the hotel industry and spent close to a decade working with Hilton International Hotels. He then moved to the retirement industry and has since overseen over 300 retirement and long-term care communities in both Canada and the United States. He has been involved in approximately 65 senior housing development projects and has extensive experience in third party operations and asset management.

Richard is the Co-Founder of Chartwell Senior Housing REIT and was the Chief Operating Officer for 8 years. Richard and Stephen continued to work together at Chartwell Senior Housing REIT and discovered they were able to work well as a cohesive team even though they have different approaches. This discovery then led to a partnership resulting in the creation of Gray Wave Advisory.

Gray Wave Advisory INC.

Gray Wave Advisory used over 60 years of combined industry experience offering retirement communities and senior housing opportunities in addition to their new seniors’ apartments, Seniors Tailored Apartments (STA). Gray Wave was founded by Richard Noonan and Stephen Picott. Richard and Stephen began their long and productive professional relationship at Chartwell Care and then Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT over 20 years ago. Both are well versed in all forms of seniors housing and servicing clients with a high degree of satisfaction. They offer clients extensive management advisory services and leadership and are able to assist in a variety of situations. Gray Wave uses their expertise from industry experience to help clients from development and design all the way through operations ensuring top results.

Please check back we get closer to our opening June 1st, 2022
we will have many more individuals joining our team. 

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