Staying Safe 

At Owen Sound Gardens, it is the utmost importance to every member of our staff that we keep the highest regard for safety standards to ensure the health and well being of not only our residence but their Families, Friends and Community.  Our staff and residence are educated on how to follow all government guidelines, policies and procedures to deter infection, practice safe social experiences and be collectively work together to educate others living here.  At Owen Sound Gardens we have implemented enhanced safety measures and building design so everyone whether living or working in our home feels safe, supported and protected.

COVID- 19  

In order to do our part in following these guidelines, we are able to meet in person at this time practicing safety guidelines. We are taking inquiry calls, responding to emails, answering questions, and are happy to continue to provide any information that you may require.

We are committed to ensuring our residents live their lives to the fullest even in these trying times. Owen Sound Gardens will continually update their safety protocols so that every person at the residence stays safe and abides by the latest Covid -19 guidelines, policies and procedures.

The best way to keep people safe, is to follow the social distancing guidelines set out by the Department of Health.  

Supporting a Loved One
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Retirement Residence Checklist
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Retirement Living Guide
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