time for a Walk.

Along the Shores
of Kelso Beach


What are your personal physical needs and interests? 

Let Us Help you Figure it out

No matter who you are and what your preference is, we have a full calendar of events and exercise programs that will stimulate your well being. 

Seniors exercising with stretching bands during sports class

Choose the lifestyle that best suits You!

Healthy Active or Healthy Relaxed and comfortable

We have a full activity calendar every month from fitness classes to golf course outings,  shopping to walking and hiking excursions. We try to touch on as many interests as possible with many social activities and events. 

Making frineds while working out in sports classes 

Making Friends 

All work and No Play, Hmm... we dont think so 

Welcome to Owen Sounds Premier Seniors Residence. We offer signature programs co-ordinated around the well being of of our residents creating an emotional, physical and foundation, improving the opportunity for our residence to remain healthy, active and emotionally sound. 

Having Fun...Everyday

Located  in the heart of the City 

Shopping, Coffee shops, restaurants, Fitness and more..

Since we are in a premier location there are plenty of activities planned throughout the month but if you just want to go out with a friend or two there are more than enough options that will peak your interest and keep you busy.  Transportation available for daily planned activities.

Supporting a Loved One
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